Making Money Online

19 Strategies for Making Money Online in 2024

Unlike quick cash methods, these online money-making ideas may require more time and money but have the potential to become a primary source of income. 

Note that the income ranges provided are approximate estimates.

1. Make a blog and monetize it.

Blogging is a great way to share ideas. Pick a niche, like food. Ways to make money include ads, affiliations, sponsorships, or products. 

Be consistent with quality content, and use content marketing techniques.

2. Create an Online Store

Running an online store has several advantages over a traditional brick-and-mortar store. 

These advantages include a broader market reach and lower startup costs.

 To give your eCommerce business an edge over your competitors, it’s best to focus on a specific niche. 

Keep yourself updated on trending products to decide which items to sell.

Creating a business plan and setting up essential elements like inventory, shipping, licenses, and permits is vital. 

Additionally, it’s critical to choose an eCommerce platform that caters to your needs. 

Here are some of the best eCommerce platforms for creating an online store:

  • WooCommerce is a plugin that offers a range of eCommerce tools that can transform your WordPress website into a complete online store.
  • Shopify is a famous e-commerce website builder that small businesses can use to build online stores or sell products on third-party marketplaces or social media platforms.
Making Money Online

3. Set up a Dropshipping Store

Selling products without managing inventory or shipping can be done through dropshipping.

 This method involves outsourcing the order fulfillment process to suppliers.

Selecting the right eCommerce platform is one of the most essential steps in starting a dropshipping business.

You can create your website using a content management system (CMS) like WordPress and integrate WooCommerce to make your store. 

Choosing the best hosting plan for your platform is essential to ensure optimal performance.

4. Register at Affiliate Networks

Consider affiliate marketing if you have an established audience.

 Promote a company’s products or services through your content and earn a commission on each sale. 

Sign up for programs relevant to your niche. 

The Hostinger Affiliate Program could be a good fit for web developers and eCommerce businesses. 

Amazon Associates and BeRush offer high commission rates, while eBay Partner Network offers a 1-4% commission rate.

 Use AffiliateWP if you run a WordPress website.

5. Build a Membership Website

Consider building a membership website to make money. 

You can offer exclusive content for your members and generate a steady income stream.

 Use WordPress membership plugins to create your website with ease.

6. Offer Advertising Space

To earn passive income from your website, feature ads on blank spaces. 

High-quality content and a heatmap tool help attract advertisers. 

Google AdSense is a popular advertising network to work with. 

Also, try PropellerAds, Adcash, and, which offer different ad formats, anti-ad blocker features, and access to the Yahoo! Bing Network search demand and relevant ads.

7. Make Online Courses

Consider selling online courses on an eLearning platform or your website.

 Offer courses in various formats such as eBooks, PDFs, podcasts, and videos. 

To set up an eLearning site quickly, use a WordPress LMS plugin.

 Business, health, and personal development are popular course topics.

 You can also sell courses on Skillshare, Udemy, or Podia.

8. Become an Online Tutor

Consider online tutoring to share your knowledge directly with students worldwide.

 Choose a subject you’re well-versed in and provide learning materials.

 Offer feedback to help students improve and track their progress. 

Get certified to boost your credibility and rates.

Market your services through your website or popular tutoring sites like TutorMe, Skooli, or Preply.

 Choose the platform that works best for you.

9. Start a Travel Consulting Business

Turn your love for traveling into a career! Work remotely as a travel consultant and design trip itineraries.

 Use travel management software and take courses on hospitality, tourism, and foreign languages to become a better consultant: 

Research pricing, weather, customs, and accommodations.

 Tailor the trip to your client’s needs and market your services through your website. 

For inspiration, check out established travel consulting businesses like Southern Crossings and Spain Less Traveled.

 Or, offer trip designing services on sites like Reco or become a local travel guide on Withlocals.

10. Offer Graphic Design Services

Graphic design is a great way for creative people to earn money online. 

Using software like Adobe Photoshop and Affinity Designer, graphic designers create marketing materials like logos, posters, and ads. 

They meet with clients to discuss design needs and request feedback to make revisions.

 Check out websites like Dribble, 99designs, and DesignCrowd to find freelance jobs.

11. Work as a Digital Content Writer

Content writing can be a profitable career path for those with writing skills.

 SEO knowledge and basic HTML/CSS skills are helpful when working with CMS like WordPress. 

You can find work as a freelance writer on job boards like Fiverr and Freelancer or join a content writing agency.

 Consider top agencies like Verblio, Express Writers, and Textbroker.

12. Publish Paid Newsletters

Email newsletters are a great business idea for writers. 

Running a newsletter gives you total control over your writing and intellectual property. 

Provide unique, valuable content on a consistent schedule to build trust and rapport with your subscribers.

 Check out Substack, Ghost, and Buttondown for publishing platforms to make money.

13. Set up a Digital Marketing Agency

Start a digital marketing agency and offer SEO and social media management services to help businesses attract their target audiences and improve sales.

 Keep up with industry trends, identify target audiences, and track social media data for better results.

Improve your skills with WordPress SEO techniques and certifications from reputable platforms like Semrush Academy.

14. Release eBooks.

The rise of self-publishing has made it easy for anyone to publish eBooks without worrying about printing or shipping costs. 

As a beginner, you can submit your writing to a self-publishing platform. 

There are two types of publishing companies – retailers and aggregators. 

Retailers sell books directly to customers, whereas aggregators distribute them to retailers at additional costs.

The revenue you make from eBooks will depend on the publishing company’s royalty policy. 

For instance, Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing pays up to 70% royalties for books sold on the Kindle store. 

Other eBook publishers such as Barnes & Noble Press, Kobo Writing Life, and Apple Books for Authors also offer 70% royalty rates.

 However, Kobo Writing Life requires the book to cost at least $2.99 to qualify for the 70% royalty rate. 

Before self-publishing an eBook, check for formatting issues, typos, and grammatical errors.

15. Become a Podcaster

Podcasting is a profitable online business idea, with global listeners expected to hit 500 million by 2024. 

Use proper audio equipment and software to improve your recordings. 

Pick a topic, record a few episodes, then publish them on platforms like Buzzsprout, Resonate, or Anchor.

Most podcasts earn money from sponsorships. 

Sign up for production agencies like Podfly or Pacific Content to grow your brand and audience reach.

 Promote your podcast on social media and your website. 

Use a podcast theme and audio player to enhance your brand.

16. Be an Influencer

The increasing popularity of social media has also led to the rise of influencer marketing as a lucrative way to earn money online. 

Companies pay influencers to promote their products and services, much like in affiliate marketing. 

However, unlike affiliate marketing, the primary goal of influencers is to influence people’s buying decisions rather than just generating leads. 

An influencer’s money largely depends on the size of their following.

To become a profitable influencer, it is crucial to cultivate a personal brand and establish a dominant voice within your niche. 

This will attract sponsors and advertisers. 

Instagram is a popular platform for many influencers, but you can also use other platforms like YouTube and Twitter to build your following and create different types of content.

Identifying the content types that work best for each platform is essential. 

For instance, TikTok is ideal for creating short videos, while YouTube is more suitable for longer videos.

17. Become a YouTuber

Sign up for the YouTube Partner Program to earn money as a YouTuber. 

You can profit from advertising revenue, channel memberships, Super Chat, Super Stickers, merch, sponsorships, and YouTube BrandConnect.

If your channel isn’t eligible for monetization yet, use third-party membership platforms like Patreon or Contribee.

 Consistently publishing quality content and investing in a good camera and editing software can help grow your audience.

Streaming video games is a popular way to make money.

 Interact with your audience while streaming and collaborate with other streamers to increase your following. 

Platforms like Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook offer partner programs that can help improve your earnings.

18. Invest in Stocks

Investing in stocks can be a great way to earn passive income.

 To get started, purchase shares in a company and sell them once their value increases. 

Follow market news and read reviews by stockbrokers to stay up-to-date.

 Use online stockbrokers to facilitate transactions.

 Remember that the stock market is volatile, and the value of your investments can quickly change.

 Always do proper research and educate yourself on the risks before investing.

19. Flip your website

Buying and selling websites is simple. Purchase one, optimize content, generate revenue, and sell for profit.

 It’s profitable for website enthusiasts, but choosing the right ones is essential.

 Pick sites generating revenue and traffic with popular niches and premium domain names. 

Marketplaces to consider are Flippa, Empire Flippers, and SideProjectors.

How to Choose the Best Way to Make Money Online

1. Consider the effort and skills required.

2. Evaluate the costs.

3. Choose an idea you’re interested in.

4. Assess its potential profitability.

Wrapping Up

Consider your skills, interests, and financial situation when choosing a money-making idea. 

Start an eCommerce store or try second-hand clothes auctions, design commissions, stock photos and videos, or dropshipping on a budget. 

Offer tutoring, web or app development, content writing, eBooks, paid newsletters, or experiment with vlogging, podcasting, or blogging for passive income.

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