online making money blogging

25 guaranteed ways for online making money blogging 

Are you looking for the best ways to make money online?

WordPress is the world’s largest publishing platform and powers about 50% of all websites.

You can use blogging to make money online doing what you love.

You can work from home at your own pace, and there’s no limit to how much you can earn.

In this guide, we will share the best-proven. There are several ways to earn money online through blogging using WordPress.

Unlike other “Make Money Online” guides, this is a complete guide on how to make money legally from home using blogging.

Many of these methods require time and money to get started. If you are willing to put in the effort, you will reap the rewards.

Before using these methods, you must have your own self-hosted WordPress blog.

Whether your age is, this process is straightforward.

Once you’ve created your blog, you’re ready to follow this tutorial.

1. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing involves recommending products or services. “This involves targeting your audience with specific tracking links and then analyzing the data obtained from those links.” receiving a referral commission each time someone purchases after clicking your link.

A real-life example of affiliate marketing is When you help a friend open a bank account at your local bank branch.

online making money blogging

 Bringing identification documents is a good idea. When you support a friend to open a bank account at your bank branch, carrying identification documents is a good idea. 

I will give you a gift card or some bonus. Likewise, many online products and services offer affiliate programs that you can join. There are affiliate programs for every industry.

If you want to start with affiliate marketing, To begin with, consider the products that you are already using.

You can then see if they have an affiliate program you can register.

Affiliate marketing is a profitable method of earning money. It allows you to promote products or services and earn a commission for every sale.

 It is considered one of the easiest ways to make money online for various products. Almost every famous store like Amazon, BestBuy, Walmart, and others has an affiliate program.

2. Google AdSense

online making money blogging

Google Adsense is a simple way to form cash from your web journal.

You should include a script from Google to your site and begin showing advertisements.

You may get paid for each time a client clicks on the advertisement.

You get a set fee every time a guest clicks on an ad by showing CPC advertisements with Google Adsense.

This often differs from CPM advertisements, where you’re paid for advertising sees rather than clicks.

Google Adsense may be a great way to begin gaining cash online after you are, to start with beginning out.

You’ll see our direct on how to monetize a WordPress web journal with Google AdSense to get begun, and this instructional exercise on how to optimize your AdSense income for more tips.

online making money blogging

3. Use a WordPress Promoting Plugin to Offer Ads

Directly Utilize a publicizing plugin. Google AdSense is simple to set up, but the money you can win is restricted.

Straightforwardly offering standard advertisement space on your website can be more profitable.

Over, we specified the distinction between CPC and CPM advertisements, where you’re paid per tap or thousand sees.

Whereas you might use one of those models for offering pennant advertisements, most bloggers charge a level rate instep.

Still, utilizing Google AdSense takes more work than simple selling ads.

Rather than adding some code to your site, you should arrange the estimating, develop an assertion and terms, and handle regulatory work like invoicing.

We suggest utilizing AdSanity, which allows you to oversee Google AdSense and your claim advertisements.

4. Sell Sponsored Blog Posts

online making money blogging

Some bloggers are interested in something other than showing advertisements to their onlookers and ponder how to monetize a web journal without ads.

An alternative way to monetize a web journal is through sponsorships.

Supported post A sponsorship works similar to it does in sports, TV shows, or other businesses.

5. Get Paid for writing reviews

Type in paid reviews. Like sponsored posts, you can make cash by composing paid reviews on your location.

The method for doing this could be similar to getting sponsored posts.

6. Flip your Website and Gain Cash Online.

online making money blogging

Offer websites on Flippa. If you know how to construct a WordPress website, you’re ahead of most people.

Sometimes, business people like to buy already set-up websites they can utilize for their businesses.

If you can construct a WordPress web journal and get traffic, you’ll offer it and make cash for your endeavors.

7. Get Public Speaking Gigs 

Get open talking gigs as an Influencer. If you are advancing your claim brand alongside your web journal, you will get a not-too-bad taking overtime after building up your as an influencer in your space.

Many bloggers make a part of cash by talking at conferences.

Whether you’re paid or not, talking at events makes a difference in promoting your blog and brand.

If you’re great at organizing and open-talking, you’ll be able to find parcels of modern opportunities on the way.

Here are some general tips you wish to be beyond any doubt if you need to make cash as a paid public speaker.

8. Make Confined Members Only content

Your most faithful perusers are tremendous fans and may be willing to pay to read more of your work.

Enrollment locales can be a big-time venture since you must continually make premium substance for your paying members.

We have a total direct on making a WordPress enrollment site with step-by-step education to help you get started.

9. Create a Private Forum

Another option for making a paid enrollment location is to create private forums to which clients must pay to induce access.

Whereas directing a gathering can be a lot of work, a paid group could be an incredible way to gain recurring revenue from your WordPress site.

After that, you can monetize user-generated substance on your site using advertisements, affiliate ads, and other methods.

Popular question-and-answer websites can induce direct notice and sponsorship bargains from advertisers in their industry.

10. Create a Q&A community

Q&A communities like Stack Exchange and Quora are huge. They help build a highly motivated, driven and engaged online community.

Just like forums, you will need to spend time building a large community. You can then monetize user-generated content on your site with ads, affiliate ads, and other methods.

Popular Q&A sites may receive sponsorship and advertising deals directly from advertisers in their industry. This helps them negotiate much higher prices and additional benefits.

11. Start a Paid Business Directory

One idea for a potential business venture is to create a directory where businesses can be listed for a fee.

This directory would allow companies to gain visibility and potentially attract more customers.

Web directories may remind you of the early days of the web before bots started automatically indexing everything, but they’re still relevant.

Several popular website directories, such as Yellow Pages, Yelp, and Angie’s List, are available.

 These directories can help users find information about businesses, services, and products.

General web directories are no longer necessary, but local or specialized guides can be handy. For example, you can create a real estate listing for your local community.

Directories can collect reviews of local businesses, share the best podcasts on a specific topic, or list the best products in a particular place.

You can make a web directory in WordPress by following our guide.

12. Create a WordPress Job Board With Paid Submissions

  To start a WordPress Job Board with Paid Posts, follow these steps: 

1. Install WordPress on your website or blog. 

2. Choose a job board plugin that allows paid posts. 

3. Set up your job board and configure the payment settings. 

4. Promote your job board to attract job seekers and employers. 

5. Manage the job board by reviewing and approving job postings and processing payments.

13. Create a WordPress Event Calendar With Paid Submission.

It’s possible to earn money by allowing people to advertise their events on your platform. Existing audience, as businesses will be willing to pay to reach your audience.

Event calendar example

Paid event calendars are an effective monetization method for local or industry-specific websites. You can promote events in your local city, conferences in a specific industry, webinars, or live-stream events.

14. Sell Ebooks

Ebooks are a popular choice for creating digital products due to their ease of creation and production, particularly for those with blogging experience. You can collect some old blog posts and turn them into book chapters.

Once you’ve written your book, you can design a cover using a tool like Canva and create a PDF of your ebook.

Selling digital products on WordPress is easy with a plugin.

For digital downloads, we recommend Easy Digital Downloads. It’s relatively simple and includes all the features you need to create your online store. 

15. Selling online courses 

Selling online courses can be a lucrative way of earning money online. Online courses are an excellent option for people who want to learn new skills or enhance their knowledge in various fields. They are often sold at a much higher price than ebooks. You can charge for your expertise.

You’ll need to create lessons for your course and any materials you want to include, such as downloads, slides, checklists, templates, and more.

You will also need to decide whether to offer personalized support for your course. Some sites offer two levels of each class:

The basic version has no support, and the premium version has email support.

Once your course is ready, you can use the learning management system (LMS) plugin to deliver courses to your audience.

We recommend using MemberPress because they have a built-in course builder. 

16. Organize paid webinars

Webinars are a great way to grow your audience, share experiences, and grow your business. But did you know they are also an intelligent way to make money online?

Webinars are similar to online courses, but webinars are live and often include a question-and-answer session.

WordPress makes it easy for you to host a paid webinar.

Whether you use your website to host a webinar or to promote your webinar and register attendees, it is vital to the success of your webinar.

17. Become a coach

If “consultant” doesn’t sound like the right title for you, you might consider becoming a coach.

Life coaches provide advice, guidance, and accountability in setting goals and improving one’s life.

There are also other types of coaches, such as blogging coaches, writing coaches, and more.

Whatever your area of ​​expertise, you can help your audience directly through coaching sessions.

To save time and make things easier for your clients, you can create a booking form so your readers can schedule coaching sessions now from your WordPress blog.

18. Start your own consulting business

Consulting is another way to make money online through blogging and sharing your expertise.

Instead of providing your services, consultants will provide advice and strategies so their clients can operate more effectively.

Like freelancing, there is no initial investment. You can start offering consulting services on your existing blog.

You only need to create a page with a form where users can request more information.

To quickly create professional, mobile-friendly forms, we recommend WPForms.

To start, check out this guide on creating a quote request form in WordPress.

19. Provide independent services

As a blogger, you are already an expert in your field. You can earn money online through freelancing by offering your skills and expertise. One of the benefits of freelancing is that it doesn’t necessarily require an initial investment of time or money. You can start by offering your services to your existing audience.

When you start freelancing, you’ll need a way to invoice and collect client payments.

20. Start an E-commerce Business

WordPress simplifies form or add a shop to your existing web journal utilizing the free WooCommerce plugin.

Beginning an internet store can be a part of work since you would like to form, purchase, and transport the items yourself.

But offering physical items can be a fulfilling involvement; sometimes, a physical thing is precisely what your group of onlookers needs. 

21. Create a Dropshipping Store

Dropshipping is another way to make an eCommerce store on your WordPress site without handling stock or transporting things yourself.

Drop shipping allows you to make the store and oversee the site and client benefit.

But a dropshipping benefit will take your orders and transport them to your clients.

They’re an invisible third party that your clients do not know about.

22. Create an Amazon Affiliate website

One drawback of dropshipping is that you have to discover a great supplier, which can be a challenge, and in some cases, you’ve got to put up a vast arrangement upfront. This will make it troublesome to induce beginning without contributing a parcel of cash.

If you need a more straightforward way to set up an eCommerce location without having to dispatch items yourself, you must undertake an Amazon Affiliate shop.

As with numerous things on this list, this works best if you specialize in a specialty.

 If you offer everything, competing with an enormous shop like Amazon is incomprehensible. But you’ll separate yourself and truly stand out in a little thing. 

23. Make a Marketplace website

Designing a website for a Work Center is a crucial undertaking that requires attention to detail.

 We must create a platform that meets our audience’s expectations and enables them to access the necessary information quickly.

 Therefore, we must ensure that the website is designed professionally and with utmost respect for our audience.

Unlike a standard work posting site, a work commercial center permits you to form cash on each work posting.

 Fiverr and Upwork are likely the finest illustrations of online work commercial center websites.

You can promote your work commercial center as a micro-job platform for individuals working within the same niche as your web journal.

 To make your stage more competitive, you can select a particular specialty.

This will assist you in effortlessly discovering clients and experts who cannot utilize massive stages because of insignificant competition.

You can charge a little for work postings or when a work is completed.

 More effective completion of employment will bring you more clients and consultants. 

24. Make an auctions website

A web-based auction marketplace is an excellent way for buyers to place bids on items they want to purchase while allowing sellers to maximize their profits and customers to find unique deals. One famous example of such a site is eBay.

Suppose you’re interested in running auctions on your WordPress site and enabling third-party sellers to list their items.

 In that case, you can generate revenue by charging for listings or taking a percentage of each sale.

 To create an auction marketplace using WordPress, you’ll need to install the following add-ons: 

-WooCommerce (for shopping cart and pay functionality)

-An auction add-on

-A multi-vendor add-on

Read also: Search Engine Result Pages

25. Accept Donations

Accepting donations can be done through a few different methods.

 Add a PayPal donate button or a Stripe donate button to your website. 

Alternatively, you can use WPForms to create a donation form on your WordPress site, which offers a more professional look and advanced features like email marketing integration.

 However, it is essential to note that donations are typically less effective than other methods, as they rely on the generosity of your readers. Offering something in return is usually more lucrative.

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