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13 Best WordPress SEO Plugins

Do you need help with the overwhelming number of WordPress SEO plugins available? You are not the only one.

We will not list every plugin, but we will share the most powerful ones to help you optimize your WordPress website for SEO and attract more traffic from search engines like Google.

Whether you opt for a free or paid plugin, rest assured that they are all valid.

Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO is a powerful WordPress plugin that helps you optimize your website for search engines.

It lets you set your pages’ title tag, URL slug, and meta description.

Additionally, it helps you with other technical tasks like setting up canonical URLs, meta robots tags, and providing titles for your pages’ breadcrumbs.

Yoast also identifies SEO-related issues in your content and highlights areas for improvement.

It analyzes your content’s readability and suggests improvements, including using active voice, short sentences and paragraphs, and simple word choices.

Yoast has features like structured data capabilities, redirect management, internal linking suggestions, and Semrush integration.

It offers a free and paid version, with premium performance at $99 per year, allowing access to all features. 

Overall, Yoast SEO is an essential tool for optimizing your website for search engines.


SEOPress is a popular WordPress plugin with an intuitive user interface and similar functionalities to Yoast SEO. 

It allows you to set up title tags and meta descriptions, define Open Graph tags, and analyze your page’s optimization. 

SEOPress also has a custom XML sitemap, a redirect manager, structured data support, and OpenAI integration.

The free version has limited functions, while the paid version costs $49 annually and offers advanced features.

WordPress SEO Plugins

Rank Math

Rank Math is a user-friendly SEO plugin that simplifies basic on-page SEO.

It lets you set up title tags and meta descriptions on your pages and preview these elements to see how they appear in search results for better optimization. 

The plugin helps you create a robots.txt file and sitemap and offers many advanced features, including an easy setup wizard, Google Analytics and Search Console integration, 404 monitoring, and structured data implementation for winning rich snippets.

Rank Math is a freemium plugin that offers basic features for free. You can upgrade to the pro version for $59 annually to access more advanced features.


If you want to optimize your WordPress website for SEO, the All In One SEO plugin is a great option.

It offers similar features to other SEO plugins and has a user-friendly setup wizard.

With this plugin, you can easily add title tags, meta descriptions, and other important meta tags. 

It has features like XML sitemap creation, robots.txt file editing, and structured data implementation.

The All In One SEO plugin has unique features that set it apart from other SEO plugins.

It integrates with Google Search Console, provides internal linking suggestions, and offers Image SEO functionality.

Local businesses can use structured data to improve their Google Maps rankings.

The All In One SEO plugin is available in both free and paid versions. The most basic paid plan costs $49 per year.

WP Rocket

WP Rocket is a plugin that boosts website performance by speeding it up. Site speed is a Google ranking factor.

WP Rocket optimizes by using browser and server caching. 

Browser caching saves files on user devices to avoid reloads. 

Server caching saves static page versions for instant access. 

WP Rocket also offers lazy loading, minification, cache preloading, and CDNs. WP Rocket is not free and starts at $59 per year.


NitroPack is an exceptional plugin that accelerates your website’s performance.

It offers many convenient features such as caching, lazy loading, and CDN to ensure your website is top-notch. 

NitroPack is a viable alternative to WP Rocket; when compared, it holds its own.

NitroPack boasts a user-friendly interface that seamlessly optimizes images to WebP and integrates with Cloudflare CDN, making it even more impressive.

NitroPack offers both free and paid versions, with the paid version starting at $17.50/month.


ShortPixel is a WordPress plugin that optimizes images by compressing them without affecting quality.

Select images in your Media Library and click “Optimize with ShortPixel” or the “Optimize Now” button to use it.

It supports different compression options, works with all formats, and has no file size limit. After compression, ShortPixel provides an optimization report.

The freemium version allows you to compress up to 100 images per month for free. Paid plans start at $3.99 per month.


Smush is a WordPress plugin that compresses your images, making them smaller and more efficient. 

It is an alternative to ShortPixel and can optimize images in bulk.

You can resize large images by defining custom widths and heights.

Key features include lazy loading, lossless compression, bulk optimization, and CDN support.

The free version offers limited functionality, with full access to all features, starting at $90 per year.

Easy Table of Contents

Easy Table of Contents is a WordPress plugin that automatically creates a table of contents for your blog posts. 

This improves user experience and SEO. It has a responsive design and customization options.

You can choose which headers to include or exclude. The plugin is freemium, with paid plans starting at $49 annually.


Redirection is an easy-to-use plugin for implementing redirects on your WordPress website. 

It supports all 3xx redirect types and allows you to use regular expression matching for bulk redirects. 

It monitors your site for 404 errors and allows automatically importing and implementing redirects from a CSV file.

The plugin is free and suitable for both large and small websites.

Broken Link Checker

The Broken Link Checker plugin finds and fixes broken links on your website. 

Broken links harm user experience and SEO. The plugin detects broken links and shows their details. You can remove or edit links easily. 

The plugin scans posts, pages, and comments for broken links, sends email notifications, and offers replacement links. The plugin is free.

Simple SSL

Are you looking to switch your WordPress website from HTTP to HTTPS? Simple SSL can help. 

Install an SSL certificate, then let the plugin redirect traffic from HTTP to HTTPS with one click.

Key features include automated checks for mixed content and extra security features. Freemium pricing starts at $39/year.

Semrush SEO Writing Assistant

Semrush’s SEO Writing Assistant is a helpful tool that scores your content based on readability, tone, originality, and SEO.

It advises improving these aspects, such as suggesting relevant keywords and identifying duplicate content. The plugin is available as a freemium WordPress plugin and requires a Semrush account.

The free account allows you to check one article, while the Guru plan costs $208.33 per month (paid annually) and lets you fit more pieces.

Wrapping Up

Optimizing your WordPress site for SEO is crucial for your online success. Using plugins can be helpful as they act as WordPress SEO tools. 

They help you build a strong foundation for SEO.

However, you need to do more than install plugins for complete optimization.

Conducting thorough keyword research, building quality backlinks, and creating high-quality content are other vital things you should focus on. 

If you need help with the above, Semrush is a great tool. Sign up for a free account to see how it can help you improve your website’s SEO.

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